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Vijaya Sankar N

[With the guidance of Jesus]

Online application for TVGM

TVGMOnline Login Screen
Application for Tamil Village Gospel Mission for maintaining the internal records for their ministry, managing the donations donated by the donors and generating statistical data for the betterment of the ministry. This application adds several features including various levels of roles and permissions, user friendly and completely customizable application, managing prayers and testimonies, managing the partners and follow-ups.

Pause 4 Relax

Relaxation screen
Regular computer users who are exposed to the heat waves from the monitor are affected with the eye-sight problems. Hence it is recommended to give rest to the eyes for 5 min every half-an-hour. This software helps the users to take rest by remembering the users every 30 min (by default yet customizable) and the brightness of the screen dims for 5 min (by default yet customizable) thereby allowing the users to have a healthy eyes.

CPS Font Viewer

Main and Child Window
CPS Font Viewer allows one to select a specified font for their designing or other task. This software displays the list of all fonts installed in the system along with a small preview window. Initially a sample text can be used to filter some desired fonts and later it can be further taken to the Filter window where the user can select a single font. The filter window allows to see the samples for the text that user actually needs to apply for that includes customization of background and text colour, font sizes and styles.

Weather Check

Weather Check Block
Weather Check, a Drupal module that lets the user to create a block to display the weather condition at a particular location. By default, it displays the weather at location, set in the administrator configuration page. Administrator decide the parameters to be displayed in the block. Anonymous user can move the location pin across the map to view the weather condition at that particular location.

CPS Quiz Manager

Presenter Screen
An utility for conducting quiz competition on stage. This application allows the operator friendly environment where the operator can view the list of all questions while the projector screen displays only the questions selected by the operator.

My Companion

Assistant dock and one of its window
In this digital world, a computer professional recording his day to day records in a paper bit appears old fashioned. Hence, they also has to be replaced to digital world. The main aim of the software is to replace those old paper works and convert them to Digital formats. The software has some more add-in features such as Remainder Alarm, Address and Phone Book directory, Dictionary.

This software mainly targets the software professionals who spend most of their time with their personal computers and Laptops. The software is created with high accuracy with its level of accuracy set to milliseconds in Time management. The interface of the software is created in such a way that the users feel easy to perform the functions without having to strain. Moreover, the software consumes very less space which makes it to run even in the heavy processed or low configured computers.


  • - Dictionary -
  • - Personal Banking -
  • - Income and Expense Manager -
  • - Address and Phone book -
  • - Reminder Alarm - multipurpose timer added -
  • - Personal Dairy -

Lexical Analyzer

Relaxation screen
Input the source program in C,CPP,Java,PHP,VB,C# and get the available tokens in that program. This is the First Phase of Compiler and this helps you to separate list of Identifiers, Keywords, Literals, Separators and Operators from the source program. This also returns if an identifier is valid or not.


  • - Light weight application and portable -
  • - Can be used as a study tool by a teacher to explain the concept of Lexical Analysis phase -
  • - A different screen style and colour -
  • - Stages are separated for easy access and understanding -
  • - Revert back to any stage from any stage -

Church Membership Manager

Main Window
A membership manager that helps to manage the members in the church storing the details of them, retrieving their birthdays, wedding dates and allowing it to export as a table to word. This was done on request by All Saints Church, Tiruchirappalli.


  • - A light weight and a Metro style screen -
  • - Two users with restrictions in updation of members data -
  • - Export the data to word to print -
  • - Retrieve the birth date, wedding date within the range of dates -
  • - Select the required fields to be retrieved on your own choice -
  • - Random bible verses on every start up of the software -

Event Synchronizer

A completed event
Event Synchronizer can help in synchronize cluster of events / programmes in an organized way. This application can be used to create events, registration elements, add participants and manage those events. Moreover, this allows to track the progress of every event and generate simple lists from the administrator panel.


  • - Registration of Participants -
  • - Create events -
  • - Manage cluster of events -
  • - Manage Participants and their details -
  • - Keep track of progress of every event -
  • - Let participants track their participating events and results -

DiXaMS - Digitized Exam Solution

DiXaMS administration window
DiXaMS is an application to conduct examination under secured conditions and to generate detailed information about every candidate participated in the examination. This application is completely customizable by the examiner and it is examiner who decides all the rules for the application to function. Be it registration of candidates, or questions delivered to the candidate, or how the exam should be conducted for the candidate, or how the exam results are declared, examiner has the complete control over the configuration.


  • - Secure application for the candidate -
  • - Configuration and customization friendly -
  • - Algorithm to fetch the unique questions randomly -
  • - Analyze the strength of candidates -
  • - Statistical information on questions and candidate performance -
  • - Small and powerful application -

CPS Song Preview

Main Window
Lyrics of the songs displayed as a slide for the audience to accompany the singer. This software helps to manage the slides by listing the songs and managing the Chorus and Verses separately. The lyrics are initially loaded as a song sheet in this software.


  • - Preview the song lyrics as slide -
  • - Unicode support -
  • - Save and use song sheet in any windows system -
  • - Does not require heavy configured system -

Boot Fete'12 - Software Contest Software

Application developed for the state-level technical symposium Boot Fete'12 held in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli in 2012. This application helped in organizing the Software contest event for various levels of coding.

Automatic Guide Allotment

Automating the allotment of guide for the projects in college. It gets the number of Guides and Students. Then the application allows the students to pick the random button, finally announcing the students with the guide allotted for them. This is similar to manual lot system.

Yellow Pages

A simulator for Yellow Pages application that stores the students and teachers detail in an institution.

Browsing Center Manager

A small application for browsing center that calculates the amount based on the users login and logout time

Registration & Suggestion based applications

Registration application to register the attendees for the meeting / concert where developed for different requests based on their requirement. Such applications where developed for following
Friends Missionary Prayer Band
Register the youths attending the meeting that held in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli.
Mousique Trendy
Register the attendees for the open air music concert. This included registration and suggestion.
CSI Youth Meeting
Register the youths attending the meeting that held in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli.
Fetters Free'13
Register the youths attending the meeting that held in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli.
Register the youths attending the meeting that held in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli. This included re-usability for future such meetings.

Countdown timer based applications

Countdown timers with different features for various instances were developed.
Boot Fete'13 - Quiz
Application with notification and background sounds that met the needs of quiz competition.
Creation'13 - Paper Presentation
Application with detachable floating window that overlays with the power point slide to notify the time for the presenter.

Video Supporting materials for Computer Networks

Application with built-in player to play the collection of videos and display related documents. Done for releasing support materials for Computer Networks to make the learning easier.