CPS Quiz Manager

An utility for conducting quiz competition on stage. This application allows the operator friendly environment where the operator can view the list of all questions while the projector screen displays only the questions selected by the operator.

icon Screenshots

  • Main presenter screen
    Main presenter screen
  • Customized presentation window
    Customized presentation window
  • Scheduler windows
    Scheduler windows
  • Timer configuration window
    Timer configuration window

icon Features at a glance

  • Option for Image round, Rapid Round, Tie round
  • Questions of type choose, fill ups, puzzles, etc., can be added accordingly (available only in full version)
  • Customizable timer sound
  • Unicode support
  • Schedular to automatically schedule the questions and round (available only in full version)
  • Mute screen, logo screen, presentation screen
  • Connect the system with projector in extend mode and rest display settings are done autmatically

Download evaluation version for free!

  • Limited features |
  • Free for ever |
  • Small watermark
  • v2.5.0 |
  • 2.75 MB
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