Yes! He is the reason for my success!

I pray to him for the knowledge, power, wisdom and he gives me more in return!

I know that he is my destination and he chose me for him. He is the God and he is the only God. It is true that he shed blood for us and for the sins we do. You might ask I did no sins. But yes we do sins, even scolding others, blaming others, lying and everything comes under sinning. Jesus came to this world to take out the sins made by his children.

I have my own gods then why Jesus?
There can be only one power and only he can establish everything. That's him. The so called gods that you have are idols and they are just idols. They can't see you, hear you nor reply you. They sit in a place where they are set up and there it stands fixed. From that spot it cannot move. Even though we cry out to it, it cannot answer; it cannot save us from our troubles. Remember that when a man or a friend who is with you can't save you in troubles, then how can a stone created by man save you? Think, the one that created us can be a God who can feed, save and protect us. But the one we created, carved from the stone can't be a god.

Again I say only Jesus is the God, only through him everything is created and we are created by him. To read more about this click here (only Tamil version)

Okay leave them all. I want to try Jesus now, what to do?
That's fine. You need not do more things. Just do these:

In addition read this if you have time to spare.