My Companion

My companion is a digitalized personal assistant that helps the professionals who has most of their time in computers, mainly aiming to replace the old paper works to digitized works. This application has collection of sub applications - Dictionary, Personal Banking, Income and Expense Manager, Address and Phone book, Reminder Alarm - multipurpose timer and a Personal Dairy. This is a dock like application, that doesn't affect other windows while consuming minimal memory in background.

icon Screenshots

  • Login Screen
    Login Screen
  • Main floating dock
    Main floating dock
  • Dictionary application
    Dictionary application
  • Personal Banking application
    Personal Banking application
  • Address and Phone Book
    Address and Phone Book
  • Multi-purpose reminder alarm
    Multi-purpose reminder alarm
  • Personal Diary
    Personal Diary

icon Available assistance

  • Dictionary
  • Personal Banking
  • Income and Expense Manager
  • Address and Phone book
  • Reminder alarm - Multi-purpose reminder for multiple activities
  • Personal Dairy

icon Features at a glance

  • Dock like window
  • Login window for privacy
  • Dictionary window with wide collection of words
  • Maintain banking details for up to 4 banks
  • Categorized income expense tracker
  • Simple phone book with address data
  • Alarm for food, medicines and reminders for custom actions
  • Notes and Memos with simplest options

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  • Mar 3, 2012