Pause 4 Relax

Regular computer users who are exposed to the heat waves from the monitor are affected with the eye-sight problems. Hence it is recommended to give rest to the eyes for 5 min every half-an-hour. This software helps the users to take rest by remembering the users every 30 min (by default yet customizable) and the brightness of the screen dims for 5 min (by default yet customizable) thereby allowing the users to have a healthy eyes.

icon Screenshots

  • Relaxation screen
    Relaxation screen
  • Settings window
    Settings window
  • Notification window
    Notification window
  • Reminder setup
    Reminder setup

icon Features at a glance

  • Relax your eyes every 30 mins [Configurable]
  • Skip relaxation for one time and add 5,10,15 min to the running time
  • Tips for eyes and body during breaks
  • One time reminder to remind you what you want during breaks
  • Disable relaxation during playing games or watching movies
  • Take relaxation even before the actual relaxation time begins
  • Set notification sounds if you want
  • Show / Hide the "Skip Now" button in Relaxation window
  • Progress bar in the relaxation window for time remaining
  • Option to load at start with windows
  • Portable
  • Simple and very light software
  • No need to install
  • Minimal software requirements and memory

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  • May 19, 2014